[Made Of Fail] Episode 75 – Charmingly Wackadoo


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Episode 75 is live!


Welcome to the NEW ERA of Made Of Fail! Kevin and Dayna are proud to introduce the new co-hosts Cleolinda Jones and Emily Whitten!

Cleolinda is the author of the Movies In Fifteen Minutes book and blog. She is also known for her Twilight and Hannibal recaps, The Secret Life Of Dolls, Aromaleigh’s Hannibal eyeshadow collection and Varney the Vampire recaps. She can be found at @cleolinda and Cleolinda at LiveJournal.

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Emily is the former Program Coordinator of AwesomeCon, previous chairperson of the North American Discworld Convention, Ask Deadpool on Twitter, and frequent contributor of awesome columns on ComicMix. She can be found at @foresthouse.

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Say, how do you like that rad as hell new site banner? Thanks as always to the wonderful Benjamin (@SoulExoComic)!

Made Of Fail has a new email address! Send us questions, comments, avocado pictures, whatever at madeoffailpod@gmail.com!

Credit where credit is due to our sister podcast Anglo-Filles for the avocado story.

One final pimping out of a thing from Dayna: if you’re in the mood for a spectacular point-and-click horror/adventure/puzzle game, you owe it to yourself to buy the Shadowgate remake, available on Steam or as a DRM-free Windows or Mac version, coming soon to mobile devices! (P.S. Scan the credits for her name!)

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