111. Calling in Your Spirit Guides with Frances Naude


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Today, we’re rising into the ethers and learning how to channel our spiritual team with high-vibe spiritual healer and reiki goddess Frances Naude.

Spirit guides definitely sit on the farther end of the woo-woo scale, so it’s understandable to come up against some resistance – even fears – when it comes to forging a relationship with your spirit team. You may feel like you’re being watched, judged, or – even worse – feel like you’re speaking into a void. Without clear-cut signs (more on those in the episode) and a healthy dose of trust, it can be hard to truly believe there are higher-beings circulating around us all the time.

Frances Naude demystifies the mysterious. She explains how to set goals when looking for signs from your guides, feeling into their energy through your specific sensory gifts, their fluid identities, and how to move away from the desire to look for tangible clues when connecting with the divine sphere.

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