178 - The real reason you aren’t making any money with your UK-made business


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I get contacted all the time by people looking for ‘more affordable’ UK manufacturers. They’re not making any money in their business and they believe it’s all the manufacturer’s fault because their prices are too high.

But when I dig a little deeper, often I find that there are other parts of the business that need to be addressed first in order for them to make any money. So before you decide to jump ship from your current manufacturer, let’s ask a few questions and see what else might need to be changed first... Apply for my live private training “The 3-part framework for developing profitable UK-made products with ease” - katehills.co.uk/framework


  • Why you should look at 6 other aspects of your business before you decide to look for a cheaper manufacturer 02:15

  • One of the main things that product-based businesses spend too much money on 04:20

  • Why you should be tracking the numbers in your business 05:38

  • The big mindset issue that can hold a lot of small businesses back 06:38

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