95 - Relaunches in Your Life with Hilary DeCesare


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This week, we have Hilary DeCesare, owner and founder of The ReLaunch Co. In her own words, she says, "we help women through transitions into major transformations in their business, relationships and personal lives. We have a special model around The 3H Effect that takes a person through the heart, the head, into the higher self to manifest midlife magic."

01:43 Hilary talks about her two coming books next year, how she decided to author, and what subjects is she going to deal with in these two coming books? Why should we love ourselves to succeed?

05:24 Why IQ and brain aren’t enough to succeed? And why should we take EQ in consideration as well? What does the 3HQ formula mean? The secrets of How to go from your brain to your heart to manifest your ultimate goals.

10:28 How are SQ and beliefs important Besides EQ and IQ? How limiting beliefs can stop us from achieving big goals? How to create habits and beliefs? How does creating a solid foundation of habits and beliefs keep success progressive and help go through relaunches faster? How to learn from relaunches at an early age to stop them from repeating?

16:22 Why 21days aren’t enough to build habits and beliefs? Why do most people quit after 21days? How long scientifically it takes to build a new habit and new belief? Hilary talks about her process of 6 steps to master beliefs,

23:09 How tragic and trauma can trigger major changes in our lives and how to start building yourself up again?

29:16 What Hillary is going to name her two coming books next year and when are the launch dates? And what are they talking about?

32:01 Why do we need mentors and how to find the correct one? How to become the CEO of your own life and how important is that?

35:51 Who is eligible for the 6 months business Hillary's course? and how can help to speed up your business to the next level?

40:30 Hilary talks about her podcast, what does the podcast covers, And the story behind starting it,

43:14 Hilary’s advice to become a CEO of your life and get through relaunches and avoid limiting beliefs.

Hilary has a unique understanding and up-close perspective of the center of any successful business, organization, or life - it’s people and what they desire to the C.O.R.E. After a 10 year career at Oracle Corporation garnering more than 100 worldwide managerial sales awards including Top Account Manager Worldwide, DeCesare decided to shift her focus to helping C suite executives and women looking to relaunch in either life, business, or in relationships in order to reach their goals and align with their future possibilities. As a mother to 3, step-mother to 2 children, and wife to her amazing husband, life in the Bay Area is filled with an abundance of joy for DeCesare. A self-confessed adrenaline junky she has jumped from planes, dived in some of the rarest locations, and is up for anything that resembles a challenge or growth opportunity. When she is not coaching or spending time with family, she also devotes time to fitness and nutrition and enjoys traveling to exotic or unique locations that bring a new perspective to both her and her client's lives.

A little more about Hilary, from Hilary "My career has crossed over from Corporate to Coaching to Entrepreneurship. I have had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows including a board member doing a Ponzi Scheme with our company."

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