96 - Social Media Platform "Kinema" and Leadership Relationships with Christie Marchese


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This week on the MaYapinion™ podcast, we have Christie Marchese who is the founder and CEO of Kinema. She is also, of course, a true leader of her life and knows a thing or two about leadership. Kinema is a new social cinema platform that is building a world-wide network of screening hosts, filmmakers and filmgoers. Under her helm, the company’s ultimate goal is to expand access to engaging film and effectively eliminate theater deserts, while also driving revenue for filmmakers and creators. Marchese has over 15 years experience developing grassroots marketing and social action campaigns for films to help drive lasting change.

Throughout that time, Christie noticed a gap within the entertainment industry -- one that she felt confident that she could fill. Christie recognized that the industry was rapidly changing, and those often left behind to fend for themselves were the small, independent filmmakers who desperately needed to share their stories. Christie was previously recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People 2021 and Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative People in Advertising Under 30.

Kinema is a social cinema platform that profiles the stories that deserve to be told. As the connective tissue to the future of cinema, Kinema gives the film marketing and distribution industry a new way to offer social, immersive, and unique cinematic experiences. The pandemic diminished the ability to gather in large public spaces; however, the demand for content and community grew. Kinema’s mission is to offer filmmakers and communities alike opportunities to experience cinema anywhere. The team is committed to being a resource to filmmakers and distributors by providing a new way of digital distribution, marketing and monetization.

1:09 Christie talks about her company “Kinema”, how she created it, what the company makes, and how it works.

05:36 Christie speaks about how she started her career in developing marketing and social action campaigns for films, how she founded her first company Picture Motion, how she leads it and how she grew up in the business, The story of her old company “Story spaces”, and how she used technology to develop her businesses.

10:29 Why believing in the idea is so important as a first step to succeed, where does Christie get the push and funding to create a new product or start a new business, and how does she find new partners for her company.

14:40 How important is it to get used to handling crisis and how it helps become a successful leader,

17:25 How Christie deals with her partners, she shares some of her stories with her partners, how to find the right partners and how crucial is it to have a good relationship with them, and building strong relationships with your partners.

23:05 How important is it to divide between friendship and partnership and how to set proper expectations from partners and friends,

27:08 How to take advantage of Kinema, what is its benefits, and how to use it properly.

30:45 Christie’s advice to women who are aspiring leaders and want to be the leader of their lives.

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