92 - She Kind of Gets Mind-Raped by the Hawk (S21E8 We Dream Of Machine Elves)


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This week we watched an episode unlike any other SVU in the catalog. A young girl from Kansas is abandoned by her Fireball-shooting friends, drugged with exotic psychedelics, raped, and forced to dig her own physical and metaphorical grave by the acolytes of a famed radical psychologist who just so happens to have been SVU's own resident Alice-In-Wonderland-expert Amanda Rollins's former guru. Between blue rape avatars, expensive music cues, and extensive literary references, things get pretty weird. This, of course, is all just fuel for the Munch fire as Josh and Adam discuss the hero's journey; pedicab culture; early 20th century Swedish folklore illustrator, John Bauer; famed ethnobotanist and drug user, Terrence McKenna; famed memoirist and sex haver, Anaïs Nin; and whether or not we're too old to pick up trendy new drug habits. This is a wild ride folks. Hold on tight!


DMT - PsychonautWiki

Terrence McKenna's Last Trip - Wired

John Bauer's Illustrations - WikiArt


Divorcio Suave - “Munchy Business”

15:31 - The Misunderstood - "Find A Hidden Door" from Before The Dream Faded (1966)

28:53 - Oriental Sunshine - "Across Your Life" from Dedicated To The Bird We Love (1970)

43:27 - The Byrds - "Mr. Spaceman" from Fifth Dimension (1966)

1:04:48 - Silver Apples - "Lovefingers" from Silver Apples (1968)

1:16:38 - Hawkwind - "The Golden Void" from Warrior On The Edge Of Time (1975)

Next Week's Episode: Season 13, Episode 6 "True Believers"

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