93 - They Still Manage to Wedge in Some Racism, but It’s a Little Too Professional (S13E6 True Believers)


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After kicking things off with Adam’s tales of neglected hot tub maintenance, the Munchie Boys step into the world of early Season 13 where a new writing staff ventures off into a Stabler-less world. Where some episodes may not be as boldly helmed and written, this is a fantastically directed, process-concerned contemplation on how a rape and its ensuing investigation affects the victim in the days and weeks that follow.
It also features Munch’s former Homicide fellow detective after an apparent name change from Frank Pembleton to Bayard Ellis, who is apparently now a civil rights defense attorney. Yes, this one’s got none other than 11-time Emmy nominee (and two-time winner) Andre Braugher. Don’t worry, we also talk at length about a cast member’s involvement in a meditation cult and how it colors our undying appreciation of Mandy, the undeniable sexual energy between Braugher and Hargitay, and the notion of an SVU without Olivia Benson which was apparently in the cards.
Ken Barlow’s son and the humiliation sect: The extraordinary saga of how the Coronation Street star’s actor son is helping run a very troubling ‘cult’ - Paul Bracchi for The Daily Mail and Tom Leonard - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2248461/Ken-Barlows-son-humiliation-sect-The-extraordinary-saga-Coronation-Street-stars-actor-son-helping-run-troubling-cult.html
Interview: Linus comes back fighting; TV and film star Linus Roache took a risk by stepping out of the spotlight to seek peace among a controversial US cult - Thomas Quinn for The Mirror - January 30, 1999 - https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Interview%3A+Linus+comes+back+fighting%3B+TV+and+film+star+Linus+Roache...-a060225623
Jeremiah Sand - Lift It Down - Sacred Bones Records - https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/products/sbr239-jeremiah-sand-lift-it-down
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