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00:00 Amazon FBA is a TaleSpin
10:37 Can GIFs be used in A+ content
10:56 Thinking of launching a size variation of my product but unsure of how well it will perform. Should I create a variation listing w/ my existing product or launch it as a separate listing and combine later
12:03 When I try to update content, I get this response "The attribute you have requested updates on, has already been claimed by another representative of the brand the ASIN is currently listed under."
13:24 I know variation listings can be difficult to deal with so I'm afraid to start off by combining them and having to separate later if the new variation doesn't do well
14:00 I purchased it and the listings were taken down because of design infringement. I found out the person w/ the design patent is my competitor who also got the product from my manufacturer
16:03 How do I send you a question? Is email ok
16:33 When entering in search terms, does it matter w/c one you put first, and to confirm use no commas
17:03 When adding search terms, do I need to repeat words
18:08 My video was rejected. Their response: "contains dynamic content such as stars and customers reviews that is not accurate to the duration of my campaign"
19:07 I made a new listing for a product because the last production had issues. Can I send to FBA the new page w/ the old UPC sticker or it will be received to the old page
19:44 Is there a way to change a listing from AMZ barcode to manufacturer barcode
20:21 I have a student that can't get approved to sell on AMZ to do FBM
22:14 Walmart is displaying business address on the seller profile, is there a way to put a PO box like on AMZ? Also, AMZ UK has the same issue
22:48 As the days go by dealing w/ stupid support tickets, AMZ is pushing me to sell no-hassle items like paper and thumbtacks
23:54 My new items have not increased review counts for 2 weeks, even though a customer told me he sent in a review 10days ago. Can a new listing be blocked for reviews? How to remove it
24:38 Helium10 says that my organic KW is 800 and my sponsored KW is 550. How do I increase my organic KW by 300
25:07 We need to set up FBM for a listing about to go out of stock: 1) Can you have both FBA and FBM listings concurrently? 2) How do you think about the shipping cost template for something that's under 1lb? 3) Any watch out when doing FBM
26:05 Have you had any success requesting an increase of restocking limits
27:38 Can you do a video showing us an example of a ticket submission to push changes through for a listing
30:22 What is your company's core focus ( as per Traction book)
30:54 What is the biggest mistake you made w/ PPC in your earlier AMZ years
32:47 We had a pallet sent in months ago, AMZ lost 90% of it
33:43 What is the name of the credit company that loans us money to buy inventory
34:27 Do you think the search get suppressed if you raise your item by $3
36:00 Are there any other ways to contact AMZ support than the "Inventory file upload issue" option
36:34 Thank you Steven for your help in responding to a query I had about the verification of my selling account
36:44 Any news on AMZ antitrust case
37:06 Have you seen any situations where creating a parentage to create a variation of an existing ASIN hurt sales/sales rank or caused any other problems to the already existing ASIN
37:45 Just started selling in Canada via NARF. Every item sold is being refunded
39:22 What is the percentage you think we should do PPC, 5% of the sales price
39:34 Brand registry said "create a new case from your Brand Registry account (w/c is called Rights_Owner account), not from your selling account"
39:46 Can I sell the NARF only in Mexico and turn of Canada because to Canada I ship into FBA

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