Starting Point: The Moon


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(Graphic courtesy of NASA, and used with permission.) NASA's current work on its Artemis lunar exploration program may seem like the stuff of science fiction. Which makes it that much more mind-blowing. Plans and preparations continue for the multiple-mission project, designed to return humans to the Moon within the next few years. But rather than a final objective, that return will be the beginning of more far-reaching research. Currently, NASA is at work on the Gateway: a lunar outpost, designed to orbit the Moon. Gateway, according to NASA's website, will support long-term human presence on the lunar surface, and serve as a staging point for deep space exploration. That includes possible future trips to Mars. The lunar-exploration program, as detailed on NASA's website, will involve three separate Artemis flights. The third, Artemis III, will include the first female astronaut to set foot on the lunar surface. Once on the Moon, the astronauts will be conducting research from a lunar "base camp". Their work will directly impact how we do business on Earth, as well as leading to more sustainable ways of interacting with our environment. Here is a special update, starring NASA Mission Design and Planetary Science specialist Matt Wittal, on what's been happening with the Artemis program since our discussion in 2019! On this edition of Over Coffee®, we cover: What's been happening sincw our 2019 discussion with Matt (and, UPDATE--since this was recorded, NASA has announced its choice of SpaceX to build the rocket that will fly astronauts to the Moon. And congratulations to everyone at NASA on Ingenuity's historic, first successful flight!); What was going on during the recent "hot fire" test; A look at what will be happening, with the Artemis project and beyond; Some of the safety and sustainability considerations involved, in creating the missions to the Moon (and ultimately to Mars); Considerations involved, in determining the location for a Moon landing; Some of the program's upcoming milestones; What will be happening as Artemis II returns astronauts to orbiting the Moon; How the design of the Artemis mission has evolved, since 2019; How other nations are collaborating with the Artemis lunar-exploration program; Some of the science goals of the mission; One of the coolest technologies Matt has seen in spacecraft development within the last year; What the Artemis III crew will be doing, after they arrive at the Moon; Some of the educational opportunities coming up in the future, as the Artemis launches get closer; What Matt considers some of his most exciting moments as he works on the Artemis program. Over Coffee®, and Two Maverix® Multimedia, are not, in any way, shape or form, affiliated with, nor endorsed by, NASA. (We just think this is seriously cool!)

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