Tetavi: A Sense of Presence


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3D holographic video used to be the stuff of science fiction. So did the concept of having it platform-agnostic. And so did the idea of interactive holograms. Today, thanks to Israel-based Tetavi, all of these have become a reality. And the technology continues to evolve, to something even more exciting for content creators. Tetavi, founded in 2016,has created breakthrough technology which allows users to create and share 3D holographic content for both AR and VR. Performers, storytellers and creatives in general get to capture moments in time and share them wherever and whenever they like. And Tetavi's technology allows artificial intelligence to create realistic avatars for users. Filmmaker Roi Lev, who is Tetavi's Director of Business Development, says that's just the beginning. More and more accessibility, he says, is coming in the very near future. And what's happening with Tetavi could reshape the ways our world creates and shares content. During our conversation, Roi shared his experiences working on creative projects with Tetavi, explained how the technology works and offered some insights on what we might expect, in the future. On this edition of Over Coffee®, we cover: How Roi first became interested in using technology plus his creative talent to create the future; What Tetavi is, and how it works; Why this technology could be the future of content; A project Roi directed which illustrates how Tetavi works; The creative challenges which this particular work presented, during the early days of the pandemic; How artificial intelligence is involved; Roi's vision for this technology as part of a larger ecosystem; A recent Tetavi project which could be a prototype for future content interaction; The "content revolution" with Roi sees occurring, as our concept of content creation changes; A hint at future ways users can interact with Tetavi (we can't wait to hear more!); A content-collaboration partnership that's increasing their accessibility; How Tetavi builds the sense of warmth and authenticity into their avatar creation; How Tetavi recently put their technology to work for the Never Again Project; One of the best creative lessons he's learned, from his work with this groundbreaking technology; What Roi foresees changing, within the next few years, in the ways we interact with content; Some of his favorite resources, for fellow creatives who would like to design content in 3D.

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