Meet yourself with wonder - Kathryn Chapman, photographer


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Photography has helped her finding a unique way to self-healing. Now she helps others meeting themselves, face to face. Kathryn Chapman is a UK based professional photographer,
"I wanted to look myself in the eye, I wanted to be face to face with my emotions, with my deepest, darkest emotions, and really see who I was in my darkest moments and in my darkest feelings and sitting in those really, really difficult places. What I saw really surprised me, but I think what surprised me the most was how the images made me feel. I didn't hate what I saw. I didn't really look at them, I felt them. And so it was a kind of visceral process. I was incredibly aware of my own pain, but because they were in images and I could be slightly removed from it, and I allowed myself compassion."
"Every day I was waking up feeling better and better and better. And this was so unusual and so extraordinary for me, I wanted to mark it with another shoot. I had another image pop into my head - that I wanted to do something really expansive. And so I made a frock out of an old parachute and a basque, and I stood on the side of a windy hill, and I kind of flapped my arms around a bit and almost took off with this parachute! But it was amazing. It was this feeling of expansion and freedom and liberation and celebration of this newfound me.”

"So today I've found today me and tomorrow I'll find tomorrow me - it's not me forever, it's just me now, me in this moment. And it will be forever changing. So it's like it's the constant finding, isn't it? The constant unravelling and unveiling and discovery and wonder and marvel at how we grow and develop and change in our lives."

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