The song of the Sirens - Listening and Creativity - Iolanda Stocchi


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Iolanda Stocchi was born in Venice and, as a Jungian psychotherapist, has been able to listen to the sirens' song.
"The mermaid is a whole and integral feminine, holding together the mother and the daughter and the woman because often when we talk about the feminine we talk about mother and daughter, but not woman...and instead there are all three in relationship. She is plural, the mermaid is plural, the goddess had to do with complexity and biodiversity."
"I believe that this dimension of oscillating is a dimension of creativity, of never being in one place, of always being here and elsewhere. When I said that the Sirens are a symbol of transformation, I mean they are really creatures that invite to a journey and a deep transformation that has to do with the dimension of creativity. I have often said that the X that is a cross represents the siren, in the sense that it is a cross, it is a mathematical unknown but it is also multiplication. So I think creativity has to do a little bit with all these dimensions. In this coming and going, in holding together, in transforming and not separating."
"A long time ago a child I followed who had a terrible illness and flew away, she told me something amazing - she said that imagination is like the immune system. And it's true. If we are not capable of imagination, we are lost."
Iolanda Stocchi, is a Jungian Psychologist and Psychotherapist. She lives in Milan, where she works with adults and children using Sandplay therapy.

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