Ending Imposter Syndrome


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Impostor syndrome is the most requested topic from all of you Pretties and today we're covering it all. Listen in to hear exactly what imposter syndrome is, why we think it exists and applies to us, and 5 specific ways you can take to transition out of feeling like an imposter and into knowing you belong exactly where you are.

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  • What imposter syndrome is and how it’s killing your confidence
  • How to spot impostor syndrome in yourself
  • Lies and sneaky thoughts that afflict ambitious people especially
  • Why impostor syndrome can convince you of some crazy things and block your growth
  • Why perfectionism is a side effect of impostor syndrome
  • Why impostor syndrome isn’t an affliction or something you are stuck with
  • 5 powerful tools for dealing with imposter syndrome
  • What to do if the system you are in is making you an imposter


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