[PREVIEW] BONUS #076: Old Man Yells at Cloud


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In which Charlie gripes about ad creep in the Simpsons.

Original Description:

ALERT: It has come to Charlie's attention since recording this episode that most of her gripes and grumbles regarding Disney+ can be solved by flipping a switch in the TV show's episode settings. She still refuses to do this and remains firm in her stance that you should go to a secondhand store and buy a frick-a-frackin' DVD instead. 4:3 is what the gods watch TV in.

Bo and Charlie sit down to hash out the most important question of our lives: how much of the got-dang TV is taken up by commercials and Christian Broadcasting??

We also discuss:

  1. Unions being cool.
  2. Are words are real, tho?
  3. Radioshack!
  4. The Wide World of Television:
  • Robot Chicken
  • Restaurants with TV's
  • Adult Swim
  • Ad Creep in The Simpsons
  • Disney Plus Widescreen Woes
  • Vector Simpsons
  • Automated Simpsonwave

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-Lastly, have some more Rainbow Goblin action, courtesy of Bo.

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