Infinitum - Part 1


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An organization named "Infinitum."
A library of secrets within the mind of each person who works there.

Jade Lux, a con man with a gift, has found himself in the midst of an ongoing struggle between other people who seem to have the same gift. They've been keeping an eye on him because of what seems to be a special ability, which they call the Sight. He's not the only one they're after - there's a person who they say can see things before they happen.

But what's real? What's fake?

How long can he keep his secrets in the company of psychic spies?

And can he make it out alive?

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Written and directed by Clayton Hester

Audio editing by Kia Smith with additional sound design by Clayton Hester

Music composed by Gavin Luther


Jade Lux - Jared Ritter

Firestryke - Clayton

Touchstone - Sarah Grosse

Crosslance - Gabrielle Freitas

Oracle - Annslee Clay

Alger Nurren - Jonathan Reynolds

Earpiece voice/Operative 2 - Caitlin Dehne

Field Agent 1/Guard/Operative 1 - Ana Wisa

Earpiece voice/Operative 2/Field agent 3 - Caitlin Dehne

Stormcast/Field Agent 2- Satyajit Sarkar

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