RL129 - How to Lower the Cost of Education


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Today on the Retirement Lifestyle Show, Roshan Loungani, Erik Olson, and Adrian Nicholson go through easy-to-implement strategies to lower the cost of college. They talk about the current cost of attending college, how to pay for college without breaking the bank, and whether the price of attending an elite school is really worth it.

[01:02] A Strategic Look at Paying For Your Kid's College Education

[06:30] Stanford University Research on the Burden of Student Loans

[09:21] Do Your Kids Really Need College?

[13:42] How to Pay for Your Kid's College: What Parents Need to Know

[15:55] Work-Study Programs Eligibility

[17:10] The Current Cost of Attending College

[20:20] The Most Expensive College in the World

[21:25] Developing a College Search Strategy

[29:09] Ways to Reduce the Cost of College

[32:15] Understanding Federal Financial Aid

[35:45] How Does the FAFSA Determine Who Will Receive Aid and How Much?

[37:50] All You Need to Know About Student Aid

[44:40] The 529 Plan Rules and Contribution Limits

[49:25] When and When Not to Put Assets in Your Children's Names

[53:00] Tips on Spending Money in College Savings Accounts

[55:28] How the National Guard Helps Pay For College

[58:20] Parting Thoughts

Roshan can be reached at roshan.loungani@aretewealth.com or at 202-536-4468. Erik can be reached at erik.olson@aretewealth.com or 815-940-4652. Adrian can be reached at adrian.nicholson@aretewealth.com or at 703-915-8905.

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