Getting Out of Your Head in Bed


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We need to talk. One of the conversations I think we need to have is about how to get out of your head during sex. If this applies to you, you’re not alone: so many of my clients get stuck in their heads in bed. And there's a number of reasons for this.

In this episode, I will talk you through the traps that many people get stuck in that take the enjoyment out of sex and how you can start getting out of your head and into the moment.

As you listen to this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Some of the most common reasons men can’t show up fully in bed
  • What to do when you’re feeling self-conscious
  • What I mean when I say you may be “misusing sex”
  • How to be present to your partner in bed
  • Ways that you can make more space in your life for amazing, connected sex

Join the conversation by listening, then share your story or response on our voicemail at 206-659-9865 or inside our free Conscious Couples’ Circle on Mighty Networks.

Hot Moments in This Episode:

  • What my dancing has in common with your sex life
  • How I know your partner is NOT evaluating you
  • What to ask yourself instead of, “Am I doing this right?”
  • Why asking “How long is my to-do list versus my partner’s?” can equal better sex

My wish for you is to release yourself from expectation and find deeper connection. I hope you let yourself be worshipped and worship yourself at this temple of pleasure.
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