Dr. Elizabeth Yurth: Replace, Restore the core then Regenerate with Peptides


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In our second episode with Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, double board certified in physical medicine & rehabilitation and Anti-aging/regenerative medicine, she gives the Shot Caller listeners a deeper dive into the world of peptides.

Her core methodology is to Replace, Restore & Regenerate. She highly recommends that people start their health journey with a blood test that includes looking at hormone levels. She then helps clients to "replace" what might be missing or imbalanced at a mineral and hormonal level. She moves on to "restoring" the body to a more balanced existence- looking at circadian cycles of sleep and light as well as intermittent fasting to encourage Autophagy. From there, she goes into "regeneration" mode with peptide therapies!

She explains the various use cases for peptides such as Ipamorelin, BPC, TA1, Epigallocatechin, Interleuken 1 and the powerhouse peptide Spermidine! If you want a simple yet very effective overview of some of the most useful peptides for injury and longevity- this is a podcast for you!

She also has a great hack on alkalinity by using Alkaseltzer Gold to hack your PH balance!

If you are an athlete- professional or amateur- she has some sage advice when dealing with injuries to prevent future and almost certain arthritis.

Dr. Yurth has just launched the BLI Academy to help you take charge of your health and longevity. A multi-layer resource center to optimize your body for ultimate performance! They have free membership until July- so hurry on over to check it out.

***This podcast is sponsored by SpermidineLife+ US. SpermidineLife+ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Longevity Labs, based in Graz, Austria. Their supplements are now available in both Europe at SpermidineLife+ and the US. It is important to note that their supplement is the ONLY one to have been in clinical trials. They are a science first company. They do NOT use synthetic extraction methods. Instead, they use a very special, natural water extraction method from extremely high quality wheat germ. They go to great lengths to make sure the wheat germ does NOT have glyphosate, that awful ingredient found in round-up.

I have been taking SpermidineLife+ for one month now and can definitively say that my eyelashes have grown and become darker and my nails have also become stronger. It normally takes about 2 months to make a material difference, so I am happy for what I have seen so far. I have also put my 76 year old mother-in-law on them!

They just won “The Most Innovative OTC-Product” at the German 2020 Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Awards in Munich, for their novel dietary supplement, spermidineLIFE®.


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