Struggle Talk S2E47


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In life we struggle from birth until we close our eyes for the last time. We all have a different meaning to the word struggle, as we all have our own different types of struggles in life. In general the meaning of the word struggle refers to make forceful efforts to get free of restraint. When it comes to life the meaning of struggle it differs from person to person, sometimes you might think that you are facing a up hill struggle while you don't know that the person next to you is facing 5 times your struggle but person is able to put a smile on each day. Life is a journey full of struggles day-in and day-out, we all face our own struggles, my struggles will never be the same as yours because we are coming from different worlds and we have different ambitious in life but sometimes you might find that you your struggle is similar to the next person because in life we are connected to one another in many ways. We should not be ashamed of our struggles in life as one day we will look back and say yes my struggles were worth it or my struggles were really my down fall. Some people grow from their struggles while others die from their struggles in life.

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