S1E09 - Sachit Gupta: Supercast + On Deck Podcaster Fellowship and Creating Products Your Listeners Will Pay For


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In this episode, we're talking to Sachit Gupta, who has spent a decade helping creators grow their platforms, from Tim Ferriss to Mixergy's Andrew Warner and Seth Godin.

Now he’s the Program Director for the On Deck Podcaster Fellowship: an 8-week remote program for podcasters who want to grow their audience and build lasting relationships. They combine a world-class curriculum, amazing mentors (like Harry Stebbings, Anthony Pompliano, Laura Shin) and an incredible community to help you find traction online.

We are proud to announce that Supercast is the founding monetization partner for the first cohort of podcasters going through this program!

Apply to the On Deck Podcaster Fellowship (applications close Jan 17th)

Main points:

  • How the On Deck Podcaster Fellowship helps you become a more effective podcaster with world-class mentors, a support network and more
  • How Sachit grew Andrew Warner’s sponsorship revenue by 4x by ditching CPMs
  • Why sponsorships are NOT always the best way to monetize
  • Do you want 1 customer paying $100,000 or 1000 customers paying $100/year?
  • Talk to your audience to understand what they want and the value you can offer
  • Using paid ads to market your podcast: What should you know?



  • 1:44 How On Deck started
  • 4:53 The power of community: On Deck's Directory
  • 5:44 Training the next generation of podcasting talent: The Podcaster Fellowship
  • 7:17 How Sachit Gupta got into podcasting with Andrew Warner of Mixergy
  • 9:15 Podcast advertising doesn't make sense
  • 10:11 Growing revenue by 4x on a value basis
  • 12:57 Most podcasters don't know who will sponsor them next week
  • 15:18 Sponsorships aren't the best way to monetize
  • 16:11 What price point do you want to be at?
  • 20:21 You can choose multiple price points
  • 21:45 The creative journey is a slow climb
  • 22:28 Talk to a niche audience first before broadening
  • 24:45 How to use paid ads to market your podcast
  • 28:43 Higher price points mean more handholding for customers
  • 30:48 Retaining paid subscribers, and the single-digit growth of Supercast customers
  • 33:11 Signing up to a premium feed is fast!
  • 34:12 Sachit is excited about the proliferation of audio
  • 36:22 What you can expect from the Podcast Fellowship
  • 37:35 Who should join the Fellowship?


A lot of people say they have writer's block, but not many people say they have talker's block. - Seth Godin

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