108: Stop the Teacher Stress or Homeschool Headaches! 7 Habits and Practices for Peace, Productivity and Preparedness as a Teacher or Mom Running a Business or Homeschooling


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I see you over there... trying so hard to delight in the things you love. Wanting , so badly, to unplug and strengthen yourself emotionally, physically and spirittually.

This podcast is dedicated to all the teachers and moms who are struggling with balance, time management and trying to find rest. We know there are days when we need to work on being the administrator of our life! How do we find the time to get on the same page with your spouse, pay employees, communicate with families, create work blocks, reflect on growth and repair your brain? You've Longed for freedom and flexibiliiy. You want the Rich life. You Don’t want to spend your life stressed out or burned out!!

These Habits and Boundaries will help you Strive for the Good life. Grab your notebook. It's Go TIME!

Let Your Light Shine,

Makenzie Oliver

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