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Today's episode is the first of a new collaboration journey that the American MilSpouse podcast is taking with Wives of the Air Force, or WAFs as they're affectionately known. If you think their voices sound familiar, you're right! They were on the podcast early last year. We will dive into how we have managed our mental health and some feedback that we've gotten from you.

Jen and Kirst are Air Force spouses, working moms, and the faces of @wivesoftheairforce. WAFs started as a blog meant to serve as a resource for Air Force spouses. Check out their first episode on The American MilSpouse linked below.

Be sure to tune in to this episode as Jen, Kirst, and I sit down and discuss current events, things going on in Ukraine, and what that's looked and felt like for us. You don't want to miss this special episode.

Highlights from today include:

  • About Jen & Kirst (3:02)
  • Collaborating and finding a community (5:53)
  • Trying to live normally even with insight (8:02)
  • Obligation to stay informed of current events (10:00)
  • Being grateful and spreading positivity (12:03)
  • Being a trusted person to give digestible information (16:52)
  • Social media and monitoring mental and emotional health (21:31)
  • Face to face conversations are an opportunity for learning and growth (27:40)
  • Navigating how accessible military families are to other people (30:08)
  • Communicating with your partner and being a team (33:25)
  • What can you control? (34:56)
  • Connecting in a community where the struggles are so different (38:54)
  • Making sense of the hard (42:27)
  • The impact on different levels of being a military spouse (44:36)
  • Being sensitive about what information you're sharing on social media (47:14)
  • Understanding what they need not understand it as a helper (49:40)
  • Friends who understand to hold space for you when you're ready (53:18)
  • One takeaway that's helping Jen and Kirst walk through this time (58:08)

What did you think about today's episode? I hope that you love it as much as we do! We would love to know! Join us on social and let us know!

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