Episode 161: How no arms helped him be a great man with Alvin Law


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On this episode, we talked about:

Having quality of life, knowing your strengths, the positive version of masculinity, using energy to heal, it´s all about confidence, the deeper side of being human, willing to grow as a human being, being comfortable in your own skin and so much more!

"When we get older, we become more refine and less aggressive"

"Do you create things with your hands or do you break things with your hands?"

"We think that men and women are the same, but they're not, they should be equal but they're not the same"

About Alvin:

Alvin Law believes we have reached a place in our human history that is both terrifying and enlightening! But he also believes life is like that! There is bad and there is good and how we see it is everything. This podcast focuses on masculinity and it’s a favorite topic for our guest today. For example, how masculine would you feel if you had no arms? Alvin Law knows and today, he will take us on a journey like we have never taken on this show. He also feels very strongly that introductions are not where the learning happens, the story does! Please welcome Alvin Law.

Follow and support Alvin at:

Web: https://alvinlaw.com/

Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser

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