EP 145: She Uncovered her Secret Sauce & Watched her Confidence Soar (Nicole’s Story)


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Do you often wonder if you have what it takes to do what you really want to?

Do you sometimes doubt that you’re qualified or strong enough to make a change?

Doubts and questions about how and if we measure up are more common than most of us realize. But when you’re able to shift your perspective and see things from a different angle, you can finally start to identify the possibilities that have always existed…you just didn’t see them there before.

Today, Blake welcomes Nicole to the program to share her experience of finding clarity, success, and more fulfillment than she ever thought was possible. Working in the tech industry left her feeling like a move to the private sector was something she wanted, but she worried whether or not she was capable of making the change. She wondered what she had to offer and if she’d be taken seriously.

That’s when Nicole made the decision to reach out and ask for help.

Through The Bridge to Fulfillment program, Nicole learned more about what she was looking for and uncovered her secret sauce. She was finally able to find her voice and make real changes in her life and career. Today, you’ll hear what made her finally decide to ask for help, how she learned to let go of her limiting beliefs, and how she gained confidence in herself and her abilities, giving her the strength to reach for transformative change.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Nicole was feeling before she reached out for help (2:09)
  • Why your secret sauce transferable skills probably aren’t what you think (3:38)
  • Learning how to communicate on a deeper, more personal level (6:53)
  • The importance of building a solid foundation for changes to take place (10:35)
  • Why unlearning is just as important as learning (14:39)
  • The holistic changes the program has brought to Nicole’s life (23:05)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. I was listening to your podcast a lot on my way to work, it really helped pump me up and give me hope when I was listening to those success stories. That was the first moment when I realized that there were possibilities for approaching my career through a different lens. -Nicole
  2. My whole transformation, personally, has just been really profound. I articulate so much better than I used to. I used to get really tied up with verbal communication in general and now, here I am going into these interviews completely confident and grounded in knowing exactly who I am, what I'm capable of and what I can bring to the team. -Nicole
  3. When we get to a place where we are really unfulfilled in our careers, we get really focused on the tactics and our circumstances. And yes, those things matter. But many times we don't realize the personal growth and the personal opportunities that we have to gain skills or shift our perspective and open up possibilities. -Blake
  4. When you're at this crossroads, this can absolutely be the launchpad to the best next part of your life. But it only happens when you take the opportunity to really make it that way. -Blake

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