EP 155: Ton of Experience but No College Degree? You DON’T Have to Sacrifice (Sharon’s Story)


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Are gaps in your resume holding you back from seeking something bigger and better for yourself?

Whether you’re lacking a few requirements for the kind of work you’d really love to be doing or you feel like your level of formal education won’t cut it, that limited perspective isn’t going to get you what you want.

Rather than sacrificing your potential success, get a different perspective.

Today, Blake welcomes Sharon to the show to tell you about her experience in the program. Before The Bridge to Fulfillment®, Sharon felt trapped in her career. Although she had a ton of experience, her lack of a college degree made her believe that making a change would mean taking a pay cut, starting over, or going back to school. As the breadwinner in her family, none of those felt like viable options. We made sure they didn’t have to be. After only 7 weeks in the program, Sharon has made leaps and bounds in her confidence and career. Moving on from a role that didn’t feel in alignment with her values, she has now found work she loves building relationships as part of a team WHILE also securing a 30+% pay increase!

You’ll hear why Sharon finally decided to take a chance on investing in her future, and how a key piece of advice early in the program about professional and personal alignment has changed her life. You’ll begin to understand why the work you do is actually a reflection of who you are, debunking the myth that business isn’t personal. You’ll also hear about Sharon’s biggest struggles before going into the program and her impressive results.

When you’re clear on who you are & the value you bring to the table, then you can confidently communicate how and why your experience is more important than your lack of a degree.

What You’ll Learn:

  • A key piece of advice when you’re looking for professional change (5:14)
  • Why Sharon finally decided to take the leap and ask for help (13:05)
  • The results that Sharon has gained from the program (17:24)
  • Why what you do for work is more personal than you think (20:01)
  • Sharon’s biggest struggles that the program has helped her overcome (27:05)
  • The results after only 7 weeks in, and her impressive salary boost (28:27)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. “I firmly believe that the universe will never close a door without opening a window. As soon as I leaned in and I trusted, that is exactly what happened.” —Sharon
  2. “At the end of the day, the time you invest in yourself and your career is tiny compared to the opportunities you can put in front of yourself if you just do the work.” —Sharon

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