Sally Wilkinson talks all things social media, fitness and motivation. Why mental health is so important, meeting Joe Wicks and why she just wants you to be live your best life and move more..,


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It's a long one! And why wouldn't it be when you have the pleasure of chatting with Sally Wilkinson of Get Over Yourself. A self-made social media star with 50,000+ followers. In this honest yet humorous interview, Sally talks about her rise to fame, how an Iron Man helped her improve her mental health, why and how she went alcohol-free, and why she thinks we should "live life like Luther".

Sally is a speaker, an owner of a successful online community, with a monthly membership, online course provider, and retreats in the UK and Portugal.

Starting a newcomer to social media a few years, Sally has learned how to succeed through honesty, transparency, and genuinely caring for her community. In this episode, we discuss Sally's life, the challenges, the guiding principles, her friendship with Joe Wicks, her genuine commitment to her tribe and why she gives away so much for free.

A word from Sally

Hi, I am Sally. I have built a business over the last 7 years running Health and Fitness retreats both in the Uk and in Portugal. I also have a thriving online community and a private monthly online membership. I run Virtual retreats online too. I love to inspire women to motivate themselves to make their own change. I believe you can always do more than you think you can and I will call you out on your excuses, - you know, those same old lines that you keep telling yourself…and you continue to believe. I don’t believe in diets, and nothing should ever be off-limits. I love to inspire you to want to make the right choices for you and not feel any guilt when you don’t. I love love love ice cream!! Life can be hard enough, sometimes without having to heap a whole pile of guilt on top of yourself. I believe the gift of movement is the best form of antidepressant, and I ‘encourage’ you to use it as often as you can…without comparing yourself to others. You do you. Motivation doesn’t just happen, you have to look for it, you have to take action first…and I can certainly help you with that. You can find me on these links below. I do a lot of free content on my Get Over Yourself Facebook page so do come along…it’s a professional set up!!' You can join my monthly membership waiting list here… I have produced the first-ever Learn To Nordic Walk online course, and you can find that here… Oh and I don’t do Twitter as I am rubbish at it!! “If it is to be - it is up to me!"

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