News from the future (ENG) - Co2 capture, lunar Noah's ark, immortal microbes, organ bioprinting, miracle sand


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In this episode, I take you from the bottom of the oceans to the moon, with stories that are perhaps some of the best ever told at The Future Of:
(1). CO2 capture. How it works, how much, and what those who advocate actively removing carbon dioxide from the air hope to achieve.
(2). Lunar Noah's Ark. An American scientist plans a base on the moon to preserve traces of Earth's living things in case the planet is destroyed.
(3). Immortal microbes. A team of Japanese scientists drills the sea floor and discovers bacteria that are 100 million years old. And that's not the only surprise: they are alive.
(4). Organ bioprinting. From the University at Buffalo comes technology that prints organs in minutes. Where do we stand on 3D bioprinting?
(5). Miracle sand. Did you know we're "running out" of sand? I'll tell you how this isn't a joke, but a much underrated environmental issue.

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