News from the future (ENG) - eye tracking & privacy, battery that lasts 28,000 years, motorcycle battery swap, smart sutures, DNA in the air


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In this episode:
One. Eye-tracking and privacy. An in-depth look at how eye movement tracking technology, can tell us so much more about people, than we imagine and than we originally intended to understand.
Two. Battery that lasts 28,000 years. The incredible story of an American startup that is using radioactively contaminated nuclear reactor parts and diamonds to make an almost infinite battery.
Three. Motorcycle and battery swaps. The big 4 of Japanese motorcycling are teaming up to make swappable and standard batteries for their electric motorcycles; a potential revolution for the entire industry.
Four. Smart Sutures. A 17-year-old girl makes a low-cost suture thread that changes color in case of infection. It's not all sunshine and roses, but the solution is brilliant and could be useful in many developing countries and beyond.
Five. DNA from the air. A group of researchers study a colony of mice for a year to see if it's possible to detect their DNA from air samples, and they find that it works, even on human DNA!

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