News from the future (ENG) - fighting deepfakes, no more robocalls, displays on fabric, artificial blood, nanotechnological origami


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In this episode:
(1). Fighting deep fakes. Baffling new cases of deep fake abuse, but thankfully also new solutions to combat them.
(2). No more robo-calls. From the USA important sanctions against wild telemarketing. In Europe, besides GDPR, the example to watch is Germany.
(3). Displays on fabrics. Fashion advances and produces new technological fabrics able to act as monitors directly on the clothes we wear.
(4). Artificial blood. An Indian tycoon is funding a startup that intends to produce a biosynthetic blood surrogate. I'll explain why.
(5). Nanotechnological origami. It seems like child's play and instead it is the birth of complex nanomachines that could have crucial developments in the medical field and beyond.

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