News from the future (ENG) - neural bypass and macaques, low-boom supersonic jets, DCash, Akasaki LEDs, Deep Nostalgia


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In this episode:
(1). Neural bypass and macaques. Connecting a wireless monkey to a PC, but also using non-invasive sensors to stimulate brain and muscles to function even in paralyzed people... different strategies between science and sensationalistic tweets.
(2). Low-boom supersonic jets. An American startup is working on the prototype of the new Air Force One thinking supersonic and low-boom. Again, lots of hype, a real utility, but the timing is still biblical and how come a fledgling company is dealing with it?
(3). The birth of DCash. The new digital currency of a group of Caribbean islands debuts. Interesting, but it's worth understanding how it differs from cryptocurrencies because it's different from them, even if at the base there is always the blockchain.
(4). Akasaki LEDs. He leaves us a phenomenal character, a Nobel Prize winner who invented one of the most impactful objects for the future of humanity, the blue LEDs. And he tells us a story of resilience, which is a life lesson for every innovator.
(5). Deep Nostalgia. A software that animates in short videos, the old photos of loved ones, probably disappeared, makes us think about a future of zero digital trust, but in the meantime collects over 70 million users in a few weeks.

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