How to Detox Your Life from Drama | Freeing Up Your Life


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On today’s episode we’re talking all about how to detox from drama and some fun and simple steps to eliminating it where possible, and if you have to live with it, how to identify and work around sources of drama in your life. There are various forms of drama that will distract you from what you’re trying to accomplish and being able to deal with it quickly and effectively will keep you in a productive state that leads to more success and achievement in your own goals.
When you really start recognizing drama 0:39
Your life becomes more productive when you cut it out 5:49
Making comments at someone’s expense 10:19
Recognizing drama 15:15
“Whilever there’s drama, something productive is not happening. Examples of how you know it’s kind of happening is it feels theatrical around you and it kind of takes away from calmness. When there’s no drama, you can work and get stuff done. We call it theatrics more than chaos and everything is just kind of smooth sailing.” 1:43

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