Why You're Probably Too Smart For Your Own Good


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As a veterinary professional you are likely a very smart person.
After all, it wasn't by accident that you were able to pass those board examinations to secure your licensure...
But something happens to many of us once we get into practice...
The real-world becomes overwhelming and confusing.
Our logical and strategic left-brained thinking tries to make sense of our experience.
Why can't we figure this out?
We can't fix what is making us stressed and unhappy if we can't identify it.
So, we keep trying to identify it.
But we can't find it... so we begin to believe everyone else is happy and coping...
We conclude: It must just be me...
Friend, there's a lot you don't understand about the way your brain works.
Left Brain
Right Brain
Lower Brain
Higher Brain
Without this knowledge, OF COURSE, you're left to conclude that you are the problem.
Best News: You're not!
There's just a mental battle going on in your mind between that super-smart and logical left brain, and the freaked-out toddler lower brain.
Once you understand what's happening everything gets easier.
I explain it all in this episode. Check it out!

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