034: Jon Vroman on What it Means to Be a Family Man First


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When I started a family, I made a very intentional decision that I wasn’t going to trade time for money. I knew I wanted to show up at every game, recital, and important activity for my daughter, so I decided I was going to build a life that would give me and my family lifestyle freedom — and that’s exactly what I did!

But, just because I created that freedom, it didn’t mean that I was automatically an amazing husband and father.

In fact, for someone who’s always been a high achieving, hard working, competitive natured person, working on my business oftentimes felt more natural than working on my family.

As entrepreneurs and investors, we’re so used to planning, setting, and achieving big goals for our businesses. We track progress, hit targets, hold meetings, and more...

But why aren’t we taught to put that same level of energy into planning for our families — and shouldn't that be a top priority?

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to talk more about the importance of relationships, family, and showing up for the people who matter the most. Afterall, what’s the point of creating freedom if you have nobody to spend that freedom with?

There’s no one more suited for this special episode than my longtime friend, Jon Vroman. Jon is a husband, father and the Founder of Front Row Dads — a brotherhood created for “family men with businesses, not businessmen with families.”

Jon originally started this group, not because he felt like he was crushing it as a Dad and a husband, but because he felt like he was getting crushed — and this group of likeminded men, rooted in trust and transparency, became the answer.

In today’s conversation, Jon and I talk about the revelation he had in his thirties that helped him realign his priorities and truly put family first. You’ll learn all about the powerful work Front Row Dads is doing, and how to build a business around your life–not a life that revolves around your business.

So, If you align with the idea of being a family man with a business, and not a businessman with a family, you definitely won’t want to miss this episode!

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