#39: Gamestonks Aftermath, Overwatch 2, and Snake Oil Sales


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Jarret and Nick are here and joined by Ramses from Push the Point to talk about the latest in gaming news. First, Nick talks about playing Mass Effect 3 for the first time in six years and gets freaked out by a kid at the beginning of the game because he's a dad now. Ramses has been playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey (among other games) and he and Jarret get into a discussion about how Ubisoft puts filler into their RPG's. Ramses is worried that the Star Wars open world game in development by Ubisoft will have filler too. Jarret praises Horizon Zero Dawn for not having any sort of gating restricting where you could go.
Gamestop stock dropped to about $80 per share, down from the high of over $400. Several people who invested later in the run subsequently lost money. The trio talks about how stock market experts warned individuals could be hurt by investing in Gamestop, and while there are some stories of people buying low and selling high, there are also plenty of examples of people doing the opposite. Be careful with your money!
A recent Activision-Blizzard investors called mentioned that Blizzard is expecting no major revenue increases in 2021, indicating that Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 are at least a year away. No one is surprised about DIablo IV but Jarret and Ramses lament the sad state of Overwatch and implore Blizzard to release some sort of new content as the game desperately needs it. Jarret points out that Overwatch 2 should have been in development since long ago but it has not, and Overwatch has suffered for it. They speculate when a release date could come given any attempts at synchronicity with the Overwatch League.
Thomas Mahler, director for the Ori games and founder of Moon Studios, posted recently about how snake oil salesmen like Peter Molyneux, Sean Murray, and CD Project Red are hurting the games industry by overpromising and under-delivering. He then retracted and apologized for his statement the next day. The group considers the negative effects of those developers and agrees that Mahler was correct in his initial assessment and he did not need to apologize for speaking truth.
Finally, Adam Conover confirms that the Netflix live action Legend of Zelda series that was leaked was a real project, but cancelled because of the leak. Nintendo got scared after the leak and cancelled all existing projects.
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