Obstacles: Avoiding Them and Overcoming Them


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Wouldn’t it be nice if we Misfits didn’t have to deal with so many obstacles? Maybe it happens to you: you make really good progress and then from out of nowhere comes another obstacle that pulls you back and hinders from getting to that life that you dream about; the life that has real meaning for you. In this episode we’ll uncover what’s behind those obstacles, and make a plan to help you overcome them.
Show Notes for Episode 2, 4/13/2021

OBSTACLES: Avoiding Them and Overcoming Them

Larry discussed how obstacles get in our way and do it in a way we are not really aware of.

This episode is not about problem solving but creating what you want to create LIFE OF MEANING AND SIGNIFICANCE? . He urged us to stay away from problem-solving as our main focus and turn to building the life we want to create.

Unlearning things so we can learnt he new things.

1. Unlearn the quick fix solution.

Makes you feel better but you do not get better. Move toward a long-term approach. “Resistance you feel is proportional to the love you have for the new thing.”⁠1

2. Unlearn seeing time as the enemy

Larry discussed his 8 year- journey at age thirty to become a pastor. He discovered a powerful principle: in 8 years I’d be 8 years older whether or not I’m doing what I want to do with my life. Better to start now and enjoy the ride — if not you have to wonder if it really is that important to you.

3. Don’t tell everyone about your idea

Keep it to yourself because that idea is your baby. Protect that baby as if it was a newborn don’t let others infect the baby with their negative vibes. Once the baby is older (and you’ve made some progress on your plan) then you can let other people know what you’re up to.

A plan for overcoming obstacles.⁠2

1. Ask the vital question: what do I want to create?

2. Understand your current situation in relation to your goal

3. Each time you reach a small goal in your action steps it creates momentum and energy toward the big goal.

Larry gave us real life examples of how even creative and wise people can fall into the trap of structuring their life around what they DON’T WANT. And how to stop doing that. And how aligning with our identities is just as important as reaching our goals.

Larry believes that the listeners want to create a life of meaning and significance. But as much as we want it we also feel great RESISTANCE. But the resistance we feel is directly proportional to how important that goal really is to us. We make resistance our compass as we learn to stop moving away from the resistance and learn to follow it — wherever it takes us. And that feeling of resistance is always there no matter how old you are — even as old as Larry!

Larry directed us to misfitmentor.com for the show notes and the resources and links to his Instagram, Larry_Merino videos, and You Tube channel (https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCCKHgnIPxumhrSJPQ_FG6RA) .


1 See Steven Pressfield, The War of Art for a discussion on this powerful principle

2 See Robert Fritz, The Path of Least Resistance for a full discussion on these concepts. Also see Friz for the full definition of “structural conflict.” Snd “structural tension.” And The

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