Episode 42: Ben Avery vs. 'Gamera vs. Jiger'


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Hello, kaiju lovers!

The “Year of Gamera” reaches its midpoint in an episode that’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Well, not really. But you will hear Nate and returning guest/multi-podcaster Ben Avery discuss 1970’s Gamera vs. Jiger. This movie, which shockingly opened the year the Japanese film industry crashed, serves as a (sorta) big budget travelogue/commercial for Expo ’70, the first world’s fair held in Asia. Both “Cornjob” and a yellow submarine return, but outer space is replaced with “innerspace” as the Kennys travel inside Gamera to cure him of his “impregnation” by Jiger, an ancient female demon beast. I’m not making this up. It’s a movie that may have anticipated The Exorcist and Alien. The Toku Topic, naturally, is Expo ’70. I mean, what else would it be?

Afterward, Nate and Jimmy get a surprise visit from Monster Island’s resident mad scientist and mushroom enthusiast, Dr. Dante Dourif, who’s been sent on a mission to “stabby-stabby” Nate with a syringe filled with his mushroom-enhanced COVID-19 vaccine. Oh my….

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Guest stars:

  • Daniel DiManna as Dr. Dourif

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