Episode 48 – The Tourists vs. ‘Gamera: Guardian of the Universe’


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Hello, kaiju lovers! Though still grieving the loss of Gary, Nate soldiers on—without his intrepid producer, Jimmy From NASA, as mandated by the Board—because he’s finally made it to the good part of “The Year of Gamera”! He’s joined by three of the original MIFV Tourists, Nick Hayden, Timothy Deal, and Joe Metter, to discuss Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, the first of the famed Heisei Trilogy directed by Shusuke Kaneko. While the Tourists have never seen it, they have a deep appreciation of storytelling, drama, and anime, so Nate was certain they would enjoy it. Did they? Listen to find out! The Toku Topic is the legend of Atlantis since it factors heavily into this film and the rest of the trilogy.

During the broadcast, Nate finally conducts his overdue interview with Spacewoman Kilara, who is much nicer about the whole thing than Nate expects. Unlike Miss Perkins, about whom Nate and Jimmy were messaged about by Jessica before the show with a bombshell revelation. Then after the broadcast, he visits the Board’s executive assistant at her office to confront her—with electrifying results.

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This episode’s prologue and epilogue, “Revelation of Power,” was written by Nathan Marchand. “An Interview with Spacewoman Kilara” was written by Nathan Marchand.

Guest stars:

  • Amy Summers as Spacewoman Kilara
  • Celeste Mora as Miss Perkins

Additional music:

Sound effects sourced from Freesound.org.

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  • Prologue: 0:00-3:01
  • Intro: 3:01-17:15
  • (Kilara Interview: 4:37-9:29)
  • Entertaining Info Dump: 17:15-26:07
  • Toku Talk: 26:07-1:27:53
  • Promo: 1:27:53-1:28:31
  • Toku Topic: 1:28:31-1:49:29
  • Listener Feedback, Housekeeping & Outro: 1:49:29-1:59:29
  • Epilogue: 1:59:29-end

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