How to use Facebook groups for fast and easy duplication with Barb Pitcock


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25 years in the network marketing industry

How powerful Facebook can be

They don’t realize they want what you have, until they see it over and over again

Working smarter not harder

Do what duplicates

Facebook groups speed up communication

Everyone is trying to get validation on social media

Recognition is more important than ever

Loyalty, confidence, boosts their self esteem, validate in front of their friends, makes it attraction marketing

Some of the best recognition is free

How to keep retention in your organization

You have to duplicate yourself

Learning from a younger distributor, not dressed for success, earning $350K per month

Time is more important than money

People have to do their own thing, there is a better way

People want to relate to you, not perfection

How to create a successful Facebook group

1 Add some admins

2 No stealing zone

3 Everyone submits a testimonial (not salesy)

4 Create curiosity with the name

5 Invite and add prospects (10 per day)

6 Approve three posts a day

7 Go live, not polished

They see the brand on a regular basis

Something happens and they think of you

Your friends will listen to a stranger before you

They want to be a part of the tribe

They ask to join, instead of us chasing them

Using messenger audio or video call

Teaching how to moderate the group, it’s a safe space

Taking them as far as they can see and then further

Commenting and contributing

Getting a variety of testimonials for opportunity

Grooming the people that want it to become a top leader, instead of pushing

Don’t compare yourself with anyone else

Attrition is down and success rate is up

The Thinking Cure book

No Guts, No Story book

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