Sponsoring, duplicating, and creating successful routines on social media with Sarah Bahous


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Expanding your network using Facebook

Duplicating your efforts to build a team

Be authentic to yourself

You don’t need a sponsor to succeed, but be a great sponsor

Don’t use scripts, use ideas, make it your own

Advancing two promotion levels within 10 days

Don’t fake it until you make it, have fun

You are relatable with everyone in your everyday life

Consistency is key

You have less than a second to make an impression

If physical stores don't open their shutters, people think they’re closed. We need to do the same, let people know we’re open

People don’t jump in right away, they want to see consistency

98% show up daily, it’s a routine

Just like going to a office job, you show up on a regular basis

Your business works into your life without getting in the way

What not to post

You want people to feel happier and give value, not negative, so they want to come back

Turn anything negative to a positive

Recognition is one of the biggest benefits of the business

Recognize for going out of their comfort zone, first launch post, going live first time, getting first order, first affiliate

Celebrate all the small wins to get to the big wins

The network marketing industry is positive

Having side hustles to feed your business

Investing your earning to create an asset that creates additional income

Batch recording for posting

Sell the benefit, not the product

You don’t need to use the product to sell the product

Do what works for you

Making fun content that gets shared

Don’t get comparitise

Your life can change if you want it to change

Daily habits of self development

Jim Rohn, How to Build Your Network Marketing Business

The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library

The Energy Bus

How to Build Network Marketing Leaders

Pickup or listen to a book six months later


Overcoming Objections
Making Network Marketing Rejections Free

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