MONEY INSIGHTS INTERVIEW – How To Use Infinite Banking To Supercharge Your Investments


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What if you could create tax-free retirement income, have money for an emergency fund AND have a tool to "supercharge" your investments?

On this show, we have Rod Zabriskie, managing partner, and Ben Lonsdale from Money Insights. Their strategies have been used by the wealthy for generations for estate planning, minimizing taxes, preserving wealth, and increasing stability for their investments.

Infinite Banking is a concept that was created by Nelson Nash in "Becoming Your Own Banker" (which I highly recommend you read). Nash describes how the use of whole-life insurance policies that distribute dividends can allow individuals and families to control the cash flow in their lives by setting up their own bank instead of relying on banks or lenders for loans.

You can use this concept to:

Build an emergency fund

Pay for college

Fund a business

Plan for retirement

Optimize your investment strategy

You may have heard that whole-life insurance is a "bad investment" and that you should buy term and invest the rest. This is what I learned early on, even when I was working for State Farm as I finished my MBA. However, just like I discussed in our podcast with Richard Wilson, I want to invest like the rich, not the poor. Many of the wealthiest families and businesses in the world utilize life insurance for not only wealth preservation, but also wealth creation.

Here's a short list of some famous businesses that utilized whole-life insurance to start or grow their companies:

Disney: Walt Disney

McDonalds: Ray Kroc

J.C. Penney: James Cash Penney

Advantages Of Infinite Banking

Guaranteed Liquidity: you can take a loan out any time without a credit check, approval, or even giving a reason to the life insurance company!

Safe Growth: certain policies have guaranteed cash values every year that have historically grown ~5%.

Tax Efficiencies: Tax-sheltered growth, tax-exempt distributions and tax-free death benefit

Annual Dividend Payments: Just like a stock, or real estate, whole-life pays dividends every year

Money Insights makes building wealth easier. You can find our new webinar with Money Insights here.

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