Business, Side Hustles, Self-employment, Making Hijrah, Muslim Money Advice & more - Interview with Br Abu Musa


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Business, Side Hustles, Self-employment. Making Hijrah, Muslim Money Advice & more - Interview with Br Abu Musa

Grateful to be joined by Br Abu Musa who kindly agreed to feature on the podcast. A real nice brother. Navigate by using the chapters below. A broad range of topics were discussed.

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HIGHLIGHTS: 00:00 Podcast Intro 03:24 Abu Musa's background 06:30 Why Muslims should try to become self-employed 09:20 How difficult it is to manage everything with a 9-5 13:00 The massive effect of tax on a "salary" 18:00 Mitigate Haram by doing what you can 24:00 Abu Musa's Motivation & diversifying income 28:00 Abu Musa's advice to someone who wants to start 31:00 Making money vs saving money 36:00 Paying for courses and Mentorship 40:30 Ethical Online marketing 46:20 Abu Musa's future Business/life plans 50:00 Hijrah to Pakistan?

Most Importantly duʿāʾ requested if you found this to be of benefit.💚

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