Why do you Work Out? Get "Jacked" and get Good Deeds by mastering your Niyyah (Intention)


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Why do you Work Out? Get "Jacked" and get Good Deeds by mastering your Niyyah (Intention)

Alif goes to the gym for most of his 20s but he never takes the time to think about and correct his intention for it to be Islamically aligned. His intention may be to simply get "hench" and impress people. Will he be rewarded for all of his time and effort at the gym over the years?

Ba, on the other hand, took the time to deeply think about his intention before embarking on his fitness journey and began each workout by reminding himself of his intention to ensure that any lower or more basic intention that may fleetingly occur to him does not become his primary intention and prevent him from getting rewarded for his gym efforts. Ba, spent his 20s going to the gym to optimize his health and body as an act of gratitude to Allah SWT for blessing him with many physical attributes; to be in good physical shape for his spouse and to inspire his kids or be able to do so in the future; to inspire other Muslim youth and to have a stronger frame when representing Muslims...amongst a set of multiple good intentions.

Both Alif and Ba spent many hours of their most energetic and youthful, testosterone filled days in the gym, but who comes out a winner or more "jacked" when it comes to acquiring good deeds and bettering his place in the Hereafter? Something to ponder about.

00:00 Introduction & Preview

01:00 Importance of Intention in Islam

03:15 Optimizing your intention for the Gym

05:50 Linking everything back to Allah SWT

07:20 Good Intentions for Working out

11:00 Benefit of having Multiple Good Intentions

( 🤲 Prayers/duas requested if you found this to be of use.💚)

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