Intelligent Design. Is It Scientific? Is It True? w/ Dr. Michael Behe


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Many people — including many religious people — have been quick to dismiss the position of intelligent design as little more than "creationism in a cheap tuxedo." But is this characterization fair? What exactly is Intelligent Design and specifically what aspects of modern evolutionary theory does ID attempt to challenge? Furthermore, what (if any) evidence is there to support these critiques, and what counter arguments have been made against them?

Pat and Dr. Jim sit down for a conversation with Dr. Michael Behe, molecular biologist -- often dubbed "the godfather of intelligent design -- and author of Darwin’s Black Box, The Edge of Evolution, Darwin Devolves, and a Moustrap for Darwin. Made famous (infamous?) for his proposal of “irreducible complexity,” Pat and Jim press Dr. Behe with objections — some philosophic, others scientific — to see how well his position can withstand scrutiny from experts who have engaged the subject.

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