Personal Development Series: Creating a Visionary Board for Day-to-Day Goals & Long Term Goals


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In today's episode, narrator, and author, Linda J Wolff, shares how to lean into the power within you by taking five minutes to sit with your emotions and the choice of allowing your pain to pass throughout you and create a visionary board for day-to-day goals or long term goals.



Oh, how the days change,

a light spring rain

and raindrops dance

upon delicate petals,

and the dampness saturates

in through the pores of

my soul reminds me

how people come and go

throughout my life,

leaving me feeling

disconnected at times.

See, I’m honest with myself,

it’s how I step into the openness,

into the vulnerable power of

my being, I know that every day

cannot be perfect,

but it can be real,

and then there are those days

when the sun yields such

warmth and joy,

how can I not embrace the

rain and the sunshine,

it’s the beautiful reminder

of changes, the hardships

and the joys. How intertwined,

to have such a deep woven

faith in God and in humanity

and the essence of spirit.

Yet, remain woven in time

in this balance of calmness.

Linda J. Wolff


Linda J Wolff is a Washington State-based writer, speaker, and personal development coach.

She is the author of Self-Healing Poetry and Quotes for Ordinary People and Ethereal Glow.



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