Episode 12: "Love is Letting go of Fear" by Dr. Gerald Jampolsky


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In this shorter solo episode, I introduce some of the main points covered in this small but powerful book. Using simple illustrations and lessons to work through, Dr. Jampolsky helps readers work through fear and start practicing approaching the world with Love. His wise yet simple words are inspirational. And they have stood the test of time. I first read this small book in the late 1980s. I re-read it recently and was delighted to find that it is still very relevant and helpful.
The basic tenet of the book is this: You can't feel fear and love at the same time. You have to choose one. So we react to others coming from a place of love or a place of fear in every interaction we have -- it's always our choice.
I hope you enjoy this discussion of the book and decide to buy it and read more! I would love if we could start a book club and work through the 12 short lessons in the last third of the book together. Email me at TheStoriedHuman@gmail.com if you are interested, or Facebook message me if we are friends, or DM me at Instagram -- LThompson_574.
Here are the 12 Lessons that Dr. Jamplonsky includes at the end of the book that help you move through fear into love -- and peace of mind. In the book, each Lesson is its own short chapter.
Lesson 1 / All That I Give Is Given to Myself
Lesson 2 / Forgiveness Is the Key to Happiness
Lesson 3 / I Am Never Upset for the Reason I Think
Lesson 4 / I Am Determined to See Things Differently
Lesson 5 / I Can Escape From the World I See by Giving Up Attack Thoughts
Lesson 6 / I Am Not the Victim of the World I See
Lesson 7 / Today I Will Judge Nothing That Occurs
Lesson 8 / This Instant Is the Only Time There Is
Lesson 9 / The Past Is Over—It Can Touch Me Not
Lesson 10 / I Could See Peace Instead of This
Lesson 11 / I Can Elect to Change All Thoughts That Hurt
Lesson 12 / I Am Responsible for What I See
Jampolsky MD, Gerald G.. Love Is Letting Go of Fear, Third Edition . Clarkson Potter/Ten Speed. Kindle Edition.
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