Dr. Andrew Montanaro | How the Bible Teaches Us to Live Manfully


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In this episode, Stephen and Brian interview Dr. Andrew Montanaro, a professor of Sacred Scripture at Christendom College in Front Royal, VA on the subject of Biblical Masculinity, growing in wisdom, and what the Book of Sirach can tell us about living manfully.

Show Highlights:

  • Why we need to give everything to God.
  • How boys and men get left behind, and how Scripture can call them to greatness.
  • Examples of great men in the Bible.
  • What does spiritual readiness look like?
  • Why men should study the Wisdom Literature.
  • How do Biblical lessons apply to 21st century men?
  • What the Book of Sirach/Wisdom of Sirach can teach us about wisdom, masculinity, and family life.
  • What can we learn from Ben Sira's mission?
  • How proper education includes both teaching and demonstrating information/wisdom.
  • Father-Son language in the Book of Sirach.
  • How gaining wisdom requires discipline.
  • Why you should make your family like a school.
  • Was Ben Sira's project successful?
  • Why we need to think long term in our goals.

Exclusive Patron Content:

On our patron-only question, Andrew discusses how we can use the wisdom from the Book of Sirach (as well as the other wisdom literature and the Bible as a whole) to live more meaningfully masculine lives in the modern world.

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About Andrew:

Dr. Andrew Montanaro is an Assistant Professor of Sacred Scripture at Christendom College. His research interests include biblical theology, the transmission and use of Scripture in pedagogy, masculinity, wisdom literature, and ancient languages.

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