171 | Vulnerable Dr. Amani Said Part 4 | Highs and Lows


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Dr. Amani Said is a career coach and trainer on a mission to empower as many scientists as possible in launching dream careers that are making an impact. She has a Phd in Developmental Biology in 2007 at the Max-Planck in Dresden Germany.

In this episode she talks about the highs and los she experienced throughout her journey.

As a born Lebanese and grown up in Sweden and travelled all over most of Europe and done South East Asia backpacking, coupled with finding what she wanted to do and getting it, She has had her share of experience when it comes to personal development. This is why she has a successbeyondthelab.com training business to help people grow.

Here is a snipet of her intro page of her website I picked.

I believed back then that a PhD degree will magically attract all the opportunities my way. Instead, I graduated into unemployment, confusion and feeling completely worthless. I was very afraid of making the wrong choices and failing when it came to my career. To make a very long and painful story short, after trying out many different careers, countries and cities, I realized what needed to change was not the job but ME. That is how the journey of personal development and coaching began. Working on my mindset was the key that helped me overcome most of my obstacles and achieve my personal and professional goals .
That is why I am today training and coaching scientists in doing the same, developing a growth mindset in combination with learning all the career development skills to launch their dream careers.

Check out her profile on LinkedIn to find out more about an upcoming free session on 15th September 2022

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