The Dresden Files- Even Hand & Love Hurts


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I know I've used this illustration of John Marcone by erebus-odora before, but there is just so little artwork out there of him that I think depicts someone truly formidable-looking but also intelligent, and this is personally my favorite depiction I've ever seen.
In this episode, RoShawn and I discuss the two short stories Even Hand, and Love Hurts. I almost skipped Love Hurts because out of all the short stories, it has arguably the least plot influence on any of the main books. Nothing from that story really feels like it comes up again, other than Murphy and Harry being into one another, which we already knew. But I'm a completionist, so I decided to just do it.
Even Hand, however, is another kettle of fish entirely. That is a story that shows us the Fomor for the first time and we get some insight into Marcone and his staff, the way he thinks, and just how prepared he is for Dresden, should Dresden make any attempt to come at him. It's fascinating, and really fun, and I'm absolutely dying for another story from his persepective, to be honest.
Thank you all again for listening, and to Brendan Hone for keeping us topped up on info when we need it! We really appreciate you all, and we will see you next week!

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