#114: Getting Service Connection From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


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Getting service connection for chronic fatigue syndrome shouldn’t be as exhausting as your condition. Your insomnia and brain fog can make it hard to want to fight–but we’ve got your back!

We know what it takes to INCREASE your VA rating for chronic fatigue syndrome.

For example, your C&P exam for chronic fatigue syndrome is one of the most important factors when trying to increase your chronic fatigue syndrome VA rating. Clearly articulating your symptoms and how they affect your daily life can take you ALL THE WAY to 100%!

Join Senior Veteran Coach Stacey Allen and Veteran Coach Rachelle Seaberry as they walk you through how to raise your chronic fatigue syndrome VA rating!

Are you Stuck, Frustrated, and Underrated?

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***Audio Timestamps***

⏩ 00:00 VA Claims Insider Introduction

⏩ 08:01 Why Is It Hard To Get Service-Connected For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

⏩ 10:42 What Is A Gulf War Veteran And How Many Of Them Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

⏩ 13:09 How You Can Get Started On Your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome VA Rating

⏩ 16:45 What Conditions Can Mimic Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

⏩ 18:59 Is There Treatments For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

⏩ 19:51 How Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Rated?

⏩ 22:44 How To Get Help With Your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome VA Rating For FREE!

⏩ 25:04 How Do You Service-Connect Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

⏩ 29:10 Can Chronice Fatigue Syndrome Be A Secondary Condition?

⏩ 31:25 Is Our Program Free?

⏩ 32:40 Can You Get Diagnosed With Chronice Fatigue Syndrome Through Your C&P Exam?

⏩ 34:10 How Much Are The Services At Telemedica?

⏩ 39:54 Is Chronice Fatigue Syndrome A Predumptive Condition?

⏩ 41:50 Why The Severity Of Your Symtoms Is Important

⏩ 43:32 What Do I Need To Get Rated For Chronice Fatigue Syndrome? Do I Need A Nexus Letter?

⏩ 51:57 What If My Missions Were Classified?

⏩ 54:45 Can The VA Reduce My Percentage?

⏩ 55:44 Closing Thoughts

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