#70: ***2020 Updated Info*** What is the VA Claims Process and How to file a claim correctly!


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Brian Reese here from VA Claims Insider, and today I've got our Director of Education Terrell Murrell and today we want to go over the VA Claims Process and How to File a Claim CORRECTLY! It's important that we acknowledge the mistakes vets make and talk about them in community to help one another work through these together. Not sure where to start, you can get the right VA claim strategy and start FREE now: http://www.vaclaimsinsiderelite.com

***Video Timestamps & Resources*** ⏩ 00:00 Welcome fellow Veterans! ⏩ 00:50 Introducing Terrell Murrell ⏩ 12:00 Medical Evidence and Your Personal Story are Key! ⏩ 22:29 No one is Perfect, "Know Your Truth" ⏩ 31:31 An Intent to file puts the VA on notice ⏩ 39:00 What happens in "Gathering Evidence" phase? ⏩ 46:00 Prep for Decision Phase, be patient ⏩ 55:00 The Human Error, Never Quit! ⏩ 58:40 Q&A Time! ⏩ 1:12:45 You Served You Deserve, Never stop fighting! ⏩ 1:14:00 Free Resources Available at www.vaclaimsinsider.com

Who is eligible for VA disability compensation? To be eligible for VA disability compensation benefits under the law, a veteran must prove that their disability was caused or made worse by their active duty military service. Did you know that a VA Nexus Letter and an Independent Medical Opinion (IMO) are the SAME THING (the terms are sometimes used interchangeably)? In our experience, a credible VA Nexus Letter is the single most crucial document a veteran can provide the C&P examiner and VA Rater to help prove service connection on an “at least as likely as not” basis. Yep, a high-quality, credible Nexus Letter really is the single, most powerful way to prove service connection!

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